We have 400 staff working out of our office in Milton Keynes. Careers range from tenancy enforcement officers, finance officers, technical services and development professionals.

Building better lives together

Here at Grand Union Housing Group, we take huge pride in being a group of diverse people working towards a common goal – providing the highest standard of housing and services for the communities we serve. We all understand that a home is more than a building, it has the potential to transform the lives of individuals and families.

Our latest vacancy

Property Manager

Location: Milton Keynes (Kents Hill)

Salary: £45,000 per annum

Closing date: 25/02/2024 - 11:59 PM

Are you a seasoned Surveyor ready to elevate your career? An exciting opportunity awaits you at Grand Union Housing Group! We are on the lookout for a dynamic Property Manager to lead our team in overseeing responsive repairs and a planned investment prog

Job reference: NTX964141

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Our people make us who we are

We believe we’re at our best when we’re working together – with a culture of collaboration, support and shared ideas.

In fact, we worked together to shape our values and our corporate plan – Further together.

Feedback from our colleagues helped us define our values, which guide everything we do. Everyone in the organisation was invited to have their say, and by using this feedback, we formed our three values.

Collaborative work also helped us create Further together - our corporate plan. Colleagues from across the organisation engaged with senior management to help steer our aims and objectives for this ambitious plan.

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We want our people to feel they can rely on everyone around them and seek help when they need it.

Positively managing mental health underpins good employee engagement and benefits everyone. At Grand Union we offer various types of support, including the option of talking to one of our nine trained mental health first aiders.

Andy, Applications Analyst and Mental Health Champion

“Being there for someone when they needed some help is a universally positive experience, no matter how small the help given. It has been so encouraging to see others regain the courage to get the professional help they need and feel a little more in control of their lives again.

We’ve also teamed up with Thrive Homes so that colleagues from both organisations can benefit from the support of trained mental health first aiders."


We want to ensure that work can be shaped around your individual circumstances and have introduced flexible working initiatives to ensure that’s the case.  

Thanks to our investment in technology, many of our colleagues are able benefit from a more agile way of working. We believe that what you do is more important than where you do it, and colleagues have really benefitted from this way of working.


Stephanie, Customer Partner

“My role has been tailored to allow flexibility around my children. I work a four-day week allowing me to have Fridays off and pick up my children when they finish school at 1pm. I’ve also had approval to take my children to school each morning without the need to drop them into a breakfast club. It’s certainly alleviated the ‘mum’ guilt of balancing working life alongside a young family.”

As an employer, we aim to repay the trust that’s placed in us by providing an empowering and supportive working environment. That’s why we offer a wide range of employee benefits.

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We exist to help others thrive

Our customers are our single utmost priority. We are truly lucky to serve the communities we operate in and supporting them is our greatest privilege.

We’re much more than just a landlord. Every day our teams make a difference to customers’ lives. From offering money and debt advice and employment support, to youth work and health and wellbeing, colleagues benefit from varied and rewarding roles that really make a difference.

Gemma, Occupational Therapist

“Being an occupational therapist is extremely rewarding but can also be very challenging. I’m a sensitive soul and wear my heart on my sleeve – there have been times when I am almost moved to tears, seeing what people are going through. Still, I wake up each day knowing I’m making a huge difference to people’s lives and fulfilling my childhood dream, and that makes the challenges especially worthwhile.”


We share a passion for doing good for local people and ensuring their safety and happiness is the biggest reward we could ask for.

Everyone deserves a home that’s safe and that they can call their own. We’re dedicated to ensuring that customers’ homes are just that so that they can thrive.

A workplace for the modern world

We work at pace and have drive and ambition.

Our fantastic office in Milton Keynes – K2 – allows colleagues to do this and helps us work together to achieve our goals.

We have no doubt we’re made better for having a diverse workforce – bringing a wide range of ideas, experiences and knowledge to the table.

Investment in our people is an investment in the communities they serve. We’re preparing not just for today but also for the future. That’s why we launched the K2 Academy - Grand Union’s centre of excellence - which provides all colleagues from across the business with opportunities to learn, develop and thrive.

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Ollie, Property Compliance Coordinator

“At Grand Union, I’m immensely proud that I’m the only colleague that uses a wheelchair, however I don’t want to receive any special treatment. I’m grateful that I was given the opportunity to join as an apprentice in 2012 and I am proud to have worked my way up to the role of a Property Compliance Coordinator.”



We understand that this will all be wasted if we don’t have a culture of inclusion where everyone feels like they belong.

At Grand Union, we aim to celebrate diversity and challenge stigma. Through our Belonging Strategy, our aim is to create a culture and environment where colleagues feel they belong and can bring their whole selves to work. From this strategy, we created the Belonging group, which includes colleagues from all levels of the business and who represent a number of the protected characteristics.

We also have a responsibility to minimise our environmental impact and promote sustainability where we can – which is why we’re committed to becoming a net carbon zero organisation by 2050.