Looking to make some changes to your home? Find out how to request our permission for any home improvements or structural changes.

It’s important that your house feels like home. We understand that you may want to make some changes to your home to make it more comfortable for you. 

If you rent from us, including through shared ownership, you’ll need our written permission to make any changes. It’s important you obtain this before starting any work.

What changes do I need permission for?

Any home improvements or alterations will need our permission. These could include:

  • home improvements, including adding to or extending the property
  • adding special features for any disabled persons
  • garden improvements, including greenhouses, sheds and fences
  • adding a satellite dish/tv aerial/cable tv
  • installing a new Wi-Fi provider
  • CCTV cameras, including video door bells
  • Flooring, with the exception of carpet (Please read the Permissions for flooring page before making any changes to flooring)

If you want to talk to us about a specific change, contact us here. Our team can let you know if your change requires permission. 

How do I get permission?

You can fill out our online request form. We will review the changes you wish to make and let you know if they are possible.

Before you request permission make sure all of your rent, service charges and bills have been paid in full.

Will I have to pay for any changes?

You will be responsible for paying all of the costs of any improvements you wish to make.

Other instances requiring permission

There are other situations where you will need to get our permission. Follow the links below for more information on each:

Request to make my own Home Improvement