Repair response times

How long we aim to complete repairs and other works

Emergency repairs

For high priority repairs, such as severe flooding, fire, or anything else that could cause injury, we will attend within 4 hours.

For priority repairs, such as blocked toilets, front door not locking, or no lights in your kitchen, we will attend on the same day where possible but within 24 hours of the repair being reported.

Routine repairs 

We will attend within 20 working days.


In the winter months (1 November to 30 April) we treat total heating failures as an emergency.

As a result, we will respond on the same day where possible, but within 24 hours of the repair being reported. 

During the summer months (1 May to 31 October) we will respond within 10 working days.

Damp and mould

Once we’ve had a report of an issue from you, we will investigate within working 10 days.