Making changes
to your tenancy

Need to change a name or occupant on your tenancy agreement? Find out what changes are possible and how to let us know.

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There may be times when you want to make changes to your tenancy agreement. This could be to change a name or add or remove another tenant or occupant.

Look through our FAQs below to see if your change is possible. If you don’t see the information you need, contact us here.

Can I remove my name from a joint tenancy?

Yes, but both you and the other tenant need to agree. You’ll need to:

  • send us an email at [email protected]
  • each confirm that you have taken independent legal advice
  • let us know who wishes to be removed from the tenancy
  • fill out the paperwork sent over by us with signatures from both joint tenants.

If the person you are living with doesn’t agree, seek independent legal advice.

Can I add a joint tenant to my tenancy?

Unfortunately, you can’t add another tenant to your current agreement. But you can add someone else as an occupant. This means they can live with you, but they won’t have any legal rights to your home. See below. 

Can I add or remove someone as an occupant?

Yes, you can do this by either:

To add an occupant, you’ll just need to let us know their full name, their relationship to you, date of birth, NI Number (if 16+) and contact details.

Can I change my name on my tenancy?

Yes, if you’ve changed your name legally, either via deed poll or marriage/divorce. You just need send us a document of your name change to [email protected].

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