Damp, mould and

Making sure our customers are safe in their home is really important to us. We’ve been looking at how we can better deal with damp, mould and condensation for over two years.

This video includes information on the different types of mould and what causes it.

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Reporting DCM

Got an issue with damp, mould and condensation?

Tips to reduce DCM

Find out how you can help reduce condensation and mould


Find out who is responsible for what when it comes to these issues


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How we deal with issues

We’re finalising a new damp, mould and condensation policy which explains how Grand Union deals with these issues in your home.

It’s currently being reviewed by customers on Voice. While that takes place, the key things to know are:

  • We never treat damp, mould and condensation as a lifestyle issue.
  • We’ll always look into any issues after you tell us about them. And we’ll do this as quick as we can.
  • We’ll work with you along the way and make sure you know what’s happening at every stage.

What we’ll do

These are the steps we’ll take to help sort any issues you’re having with damp, mould and condensation in your home.

  • Once we’ve had a report of an issue from you, we’ll aim to investigate within 10 days.
  • We’ll call you to book an appointment to inspect the issue.
  • If a mould wash is needed, our specialist team will come to carry this out.
  • We’ll offer to install an environmental sensor in your home. These track the moisture levels, which helps us see when issues might be starting. A mobile app helps you track this too.
  • We’ll check back with you to make sure everything’s been sorted.