Repairs responsibilities

This page sets out who is responsible for what when it comes to repairs.

Grand Union is responsible for maintaining:

  • the structure and outside of the home
  • the fixtures and fittings we have provided
  • any communal areas

Customers are responsible for additional repairs if they, their family, or visitors cause the damage.

Here is a full breakdown of who is responsible for what.

Bathroom / Kitchen / PlumbingResponsibility
Grand UnionCustomer
Basin or sink replacement 
Bath panel replacement 
Blocked bath, basin, sink and shower 
Broken toilet seat 
Plug or chain replacement 
Pop up plug replacement
Plumbing/fitting customers own appliances.
Must be undertaken to Gas Safe or NICEIC Regulations and certification provided to GUHG 
Sealant replacement for kitchen units and sanitary fittings 
Shower curtain replacement 
Tap washer replacement (to stop dripping) 
Unblocking of external waste pipes 
Water supply and water pipes 
Grand UnionCustomer
Bleeding radiators and adjusting pressure 
Fireplaces, fitted fires and central heating systems 
Fires fitted by customer 
Gas pipes and appliances by GUHG
Electrical Responsibility
Grand UnionCustomer
Electrical wiring including sockets and switches 
Fluorescent tubes and starter motors 
Fuse box – resetting of a trip switch 
Fuse on fuse board
Lightbulbs in encased lighting
Hard wired door bells
Internal Responsibility
Grand UnionCustomer
Communal areas (unless damage has been caused by the customer)
Cracks (minor in walls or ceilings. Generally smaller than the edge of £1 coin)
Cracks (major in walls or ceilings) 
Curtain pole, rail or track replacement 
Damage caused by customer to the property, fixtures or fittings 
Door changes to accommodate carpets, including re-fixing of any draught excluders 
Doorbell replacement or fitting (including batteries) 
Doors and frames 
Door hinges and skirting 
Fixtures and fittings provided by GUHG
Fitting additional locks, catches, safety devices (spy hole, safety chain, burglar alarm etc.) 
Fixtures customer has fitted (flooring, shelves, coathooks etc.) 
Handles and latches on inside doors and cupboards 
Keys or fobs 
Painting and decorating including papering, woodwork and coving 
Pests – general infestation of a neighbourhood 
Pests – individual property 
Smoke alarm (battery powered) testing or replacement 
TV aerial or satellite dish customer have had fitted 
TV aerial or satellite dish we have fitted for communal use 
Walls, floors and ceilings 
External Responsibility
Grand UnionCustomer
Boundary walls and fencing
Door steps
Drains, gutters and external pipes
Dustbin replacement (individual property)
Dustbin replacement (communal)
Fencing between gardens
Garages and stores (excluding sheds)
Gardens, including hedging and trees
Overall structure of the property
Paths and walkways where shared or main access to property
Washing lines or rotary dryers
Window sills, catches, sash cords and window frames 
Windows (excluding glass, which is potentially rechargeable)

You can also find more information about of what customers are expected to do in our Responsive Repairs Policy.