Parking and Garages

Please be considerate when you park your vehicle and avoid causing any obstruction to others.


Please be considerate when you park your vehicle and avoid causing any obstruction to other drivers, pedestrians or emergency services. Try not to block people in or park in a way that makes it difficult for other people to get in or out of parking spaces.

Vehicles should not be parked or driven on any grassed amenity area, also please do not park on any communal garage forecourt or pathway.

There are many areas of shared parking and spaces cannot be reserved or allocated to individuals. These spaces are not for vehicles such as caravans, motor homes, boats, trailers, heavy goods vehicles, buses, mini buses and vehicles with a Statutory Off Road Notice.


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Parking on your garden

If you would like to park a vehicle on your garden you will need our written permission and a proper hardstanding, verge crossing and dropped kerb. Planning permission may also be required.

Where we give written permission for you to park on your garden, you will be required to comply with reasonable requirements as follows:

  • Any vehicle parked shall at all times be in a roadworthy condition, licensed and insured.
  • Where possible the vehicle should be parked at the side of your home and behind the building line.
  • A properly constructed concrete or paved base, as a hardstanding upon which the vehicle should be parked, must be provided and maintained at your own expense. It should be sited to avoid drainage or other service runs.
  • Where hardstandings are constructed over drains, proper access to those drains must be maintained. Our Maintenance Surveyors advise on any particular requirements, e.g. manholes and rodding points etc.
  • Make an opening to the front boundary and construct a crossing of the verge or footpath, to our satisfaction and the Council's, at your own expense.
  • Obtain planning permission if the new access will be on to a classified road.
  • We will not usually grant permission for a caravan, motor home, boat, heavy goods vehicle or mini bus to be parked in front of the building line of the property.
  • No nuisance or annoyance is caused to neighbours.

Abandoned vehicles

If you are concerned that a vehicle near to your home or on your estate may be abandoned, please report this to your local council. You can do this via the links below:

Bedford Borough Council

Central Bedfordshire Council

Milton Keynes Council

North Northants Council

West Northants Council

Using garages for storage

We are aware that some of our garages are used for storage. Please note that if you do use a garage for storage, this is entirely at your own risk and you are responsible for having any appropriate insurance cover in place. We are unable to take any responsibility for the loss of, or damage to, any items stored in the garage.

Please also note that inflammable liquids or hazardous substances (for example petrol, calor gas, refrigerators or freezers) must not be stored on the garage premises.

If you are interested in renting one of our garages, please click here for further information and to make an application.