Abandoned cars

If you suspect a car near your home is abandoned, report it to your local council. You can do this via the links below:


We ask all of our customers to be considerate when parking. Please ensure you: 

  • avoid blocking other cars or parking spaces
  • do not park on any grass or communal area
  • do not park on any communal garage forecourt
  • do not block a forecourt or pathway

Our communities often have shared parking areas. Spaces cannot be reserved and are first come, first served. Shared parking areas are not for: 

  • caravans
  • motor homes
  • boats, trailers
  • heavy goods vehicles
  • buses or mini buses 
  • vehicles with a Statutory Off Road Notice

What to do if your neighbour’s parking is obstructing you

If your neighbour’s parking is obstructing your home, parking space or walk way, you can: 

  • Have a friendly word with your neighbour, using these tips. They may not be aware that their parking is causing you problems.
  • Contact your local authority if speaking with your neighbour does not resolve the issue. Your local authority may be able to issue a parking fine if it’s parked in a public place, like on the street or pavement.
  • If the car needs to be removed immediately contact the Police. They can arrange this, if deemed necessary.
  • Consider using mediation. This is a confidential service we offer to help neighbours resolve issues. Learn more here.

Repairing vehicles

It’s a criminal offence to repair vehicles on the street as part of a vehicle repair business. You can report this by:

  • Contacting your local authority. They will investigate and take action if appropriate. 

If you’re being disturbed by a neighbour doing repairs on their own car or bike, you can:

  • Have a friendly word with your neighbour, using these tips. They may not be aware that they’re disturbing you.

If the problem continues and is causing persistent noise, please go to our noise disturbance section. We can only help if repairs are taking place within one of our communities.

Speeding or dangerous vehicles

Speeding is a criminal offence. If you believe speeding or any dangerous driving has been committed, report this to the Police.

You can also contact your local authority about installing traffic calming measures. These can improve road safety by slowing vehicles down. They can include things like road humps, chicanes and traffic islands.