Buying a home

Looking to buy a home? We offer a number of different ways into homes ownership.

Whether it's buying a home outright or getting on the property ladder through shared ownership, we have an option for everyone when it comes to home ownership.

Through our subsidiaries, Grand Union Homes and Grand Union Living, we can help you find the home you're looking for.

Grand Union Homes provides homes for outright purchase. Via their website - - you can find all of the homes we currently have for outright sale.

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Grand Union Living offers truly affordable ways into home ownership.

Whether it's a newly built home or a resale property, Grand Union Living has homes available to a wide range of people on different incomes.

Via their website - - you can look through all of their current and future developments and register your interest.

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What you can find on Grand Union Living's website?

All our shared ownership properties are listed on the Grand Union Living website, on this site you can:

What is shared ownership?

This is also known as part buy/part rent. This works by allowing you to buy an initial share in a brand new home, anywhere from 25% to 50%, depending on what you can afford. A subsidised rent is paid on the remaining share. You can buy more shares when you’re ready, usually until you own 100% of your property.

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What is shared ownership resales?

These are homes which have already been purchased through shared ownership and now the owners are looking to sell and move on. You buy the share they are selling and pay a subsidised rent on the remainder.

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