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Doreen had lived in her house in Bedfordshire for 64 years and after her husband died in 2019, Doreen’s family decided that a Life24 alarm from Grand Union would be beneficial and give them peace of mind, due to Doreen being 80+ and living alone.

Her granddaughter, Shannon, tells us how Doreen’s alarm was “a godsend”:

“In May 2022, Mum took a phone call telling her that Grandma was being rushed to hospital as she couldn’t breathe. Fortunately, she’d pressed her Life24 pendant that she wore round her wrist, so the alarm’s call centre had called an ambulance and then my mum."

“Grandma was in hospital for three weeks and when she came out, her confidence had been knocked. She was 82 and this was her first real health scare – she’d always been fit and healthy, running marathons with my grandad until they were in their 70s!"

“She went to stay with my parents for a few weeks, so they could make sure she was well enough, before going back to her own home, where she got on with life again." 

“But then Grandma became unsteady on her feet and started falling out of bed regularly. She’d press her alarm and the call centre would contact one of the family. Call centre staff would stay on the line and reassure Grandma till we could get there to help her get back into bed." 

“One morning, my mum called Grandma, but there was no answer. Mum drove over there straight away and found Grandma unconscious, having hit her head on the fire surround."

“We rang for an ambulance and Grandma was admitted to hospital. She came out of hospital three weeks later, still wearing her alarm and with an NHS care plan in place for carers to visit several times a day. But then she started falling even more frequently."

“My parents had a chat with Grandma and persuaded her that the best way forward was to have some respite care."

“Two months later, Grandma’s health had massively declined. When she peacefully passed away, she was still wearing her alarm."

“That alarm saved Grandma’s life on multiple occasions. Without it, Grandma wouldn’t have been able to have lived in her own home for so long. It made Grandma a little more confident and gave us peace of mind."

“It was a godsend, and I’d recommend it to everyone.”

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