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repairs service


Time taken to
complete your repair


Provides a home
that is well maintained


We understand how important repairs are to you and we’re
working on improving this service.

In 2022/23 we carried out 39,193 repairs. We spent £26.17m on
home improvements and repairs which included:


homes with new windows and doors with a further 79 partial upgrades


new kitchens and 2 upgraded


new bathrooms


new wet rooms installed as part of our accessibility work


new boilers installed


new central heating systems and 4 upgraded


properties received high level works and 36 upgraded


homes were fitted with highly efficient air source heat pumps

Working on improvements

We’ve reviewed our teams and processes to make sure we can provide a much better repairs service for you. This includes:

  • a new specialist repairs hub team, who deal with repairs at the first point of contact and diagnose repairs correctly first time
  • trialling Quality Assurance Technicians, who will inspect planned works from contractors and coach colleagues to help improve quality

We’re confident these changes will lead to improvements, reduce the time taken to complete repairs and ensure your home is well maintained.

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