Talk to us – don’t be shy!

News – 16 June 2021

We always encourage customers to tell us straight away if they’re having problems paying their rent because we can then work with you to find a solution.

Throughout the pandemic, our Payment Support team has been working hard to support and advise customers who have fallen into difficulties with their rent and other payments.

We know the natural reaction for some customers who owe money is to avoid talking to their creditor about it. This means they don’t respond to letters or texts, and they won’t open the door if they’re not expecting someone.

When this happens, it leaves us (and other creditors) with very little choice but to progress action to collect outstanding money. This is the last thing we want to do, and it means things can feel even worse for those who are reluctant to speak to us.

When we try to contact you, whether that’s by text message, phone, email, letter or home visit, we really are trying to avoid the need to take legal action as part of the arrears process.

If we understand why you’re unable to pay your rent, we can make an arrangement or refer you to our Financial Wellbeing team who can offer welfare benefits advice, debt advice and employment support. Please check out our website for further details on what they offer. We can only assess how we can help if you call us and we understand what has been going wrong.

Mr A from Sandy had a starter tenancy with us and was in danger of being evicted due to large rent arrears. He said: “With one thing and another I’d just ignored the situation. My family found out and encouraged me to get in touch with the Payment Support team, who referred me to the Homeless Prevention Team at Central Beds Council. My arrears were paid off and now I have a lifelong tenancy, giving me a secure home, instead of being made homeless.”


If you’ve been reluctant to speak to us, please don’t be – we want to help you. You can also seek independent advice. There’s a lot of help available to customers who are struggling and we would urge you to reach out to access it.