Grand Union operative installing an environmental sensor in a customer's home

Using environmental sensors to keep you safe

News – 7 March 2023

We’re committed to keeping you safe and well in your homes and are always looking for new ways of doing this.

Where possible, we are looking to use technology intelligently too, so we’re really pleased to be able to tell you about the new environmental sensors we’ve started to install in some of our homes.

These sensors track the temperature and humidity in your home, allowing us to keep track of the property’s performance. Using this data we can then see when conditions aren’t quite right, helping us to act before issues like mould and damp become a problem.

Customers with the system in their homes can also view the data via an accompanying mobile app. It also gives customers personalised insights which can help stay on top of the environment in your home.

We’re installing them in a number of our empty homes but will soon start rolling them out into more properties where we feel they could make a difference.

If you think your home could benefit from these sensors, let us know by emailing