Value for money

"We are very proud of the Value for Money savings of over £6.8m over the past two years. Many of these savings will be ongoing, demonstrating even further value for our customers."

What is Value for Money (VfM)?

The elements of VfM are often referred to as the three Es:

Economy is the price paid for what goes into providing a service.

Efficiency is a measure of productivity – what you get out in relation to what is put in.

Effectiveness is a measure of the impact achieved and can be quantitative or qualitative.

VfM is high when there is an optimum balance between all three – relatively low costs, high productivity and successful outcomes.

But it goes beyond this and also includes looking at social value – i.e. delivering real social benefits for customers which go beyond just saving money.

The Regulator for Social Housing, our regulator, has placed particular emphasis on VfM, and requires us to make a ‘self-assessment’ on our VfM activities. This full assessment can be found in our Financial Statements.