Closure order success in Biggleswade

News – 7 November 2022

Our Tenancy Enforcement team has been working closely with Bedfordshire Police and Central Bedfordshire Council (CBC) over the past few months regarding an antisocial situation affecting Biggleswade residents, resulting in a three month closure order being secured on one of our properties.

Grand Union’s Executive Director of Operations, Phil Hardy, said: “We had received complaints about damage to one of our flats and we suspected criminal activity was taking place. Knowing the impact this behaviour has on the community, we worked closely with residents to collate intelligence and evidence to submit to the Police.

“Thankfully cases like this are rare however, when they occur, we will take action as it is important that the local community know we are on their side and that together we can restore pride to their community.

“We’d like to thank those who assisted us, CBC and Beds Police to gain this closure order which we know will have a positive impact on residents. Our work now continues as we seek to regain possession of the property.”

Acting Sergeant Jack Sharp, from Bedfordshire Police, said: “We’re really pleased to have been able to secure of closure order on a property in Biggleswade after we received intelligence in relation to drug dealing.

“We’d like to thank the support from the local community we received on this matter for helping to make it happen.

“If you have any information about antisocial behaviour or suspected drug dealing in your community, please do come forward and contact us on 101 or via our website.”