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No More Week

News- 6 March 2023

Launched in 2013, No More Week is an annual opportunity to raise awareness of domestic abuse, inspiring individuals, organisations and communities to make changes.

We know that domestic abuse affects everyone and across all sectors of society, but here are some shocking statistics:

Graphics showing some statistics around domestic abuse situations

In the past year, our dedicated Domestic Abuse & Safeguarding team has supported 157 customers/families experiencing domestic abuse.

As well as being committed to helping our customers who are experiencing domestic abuse, we have that same commitment to our colleagues too. That’s why we’ve introduced Domestic Abuse responders at Grand Union, who will be positive advocates for domestic abuse, signposting into the Domestic Abuse & Safeguarding team and empowering colleagues to access support and guidance, where appropriate.

If you, or someone you know, is experiencing domestic abuse, please reach out to our dedicated Domestic Abuse & Safeguarding team. They will listen to you and believe you.

Or visit our dedicated web page: www.guhg.co.uk/support/domestic-abuse/