The death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

News – 9 September 2022

Grand Union pays its respects to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, following the very sad news of her death yesterday afternoon.

She was a remarkable woman, an inspiration to many, and a sense of comfort for our nation.

As a mark of respect we will only be sharing essential service updates on our website and social media channels until the period of mourning has passed and the funeral has taken place.

Many of you will be saddened and impacted by the news. You may be surprised at how you have reacted, or how long your feelings are lasting. You may even be triggered back to a time of losing someone close to you.

Very few of us have never experienced a personal loss. Whilst we mostly won’t have been close to the Queen, or even have met her, the idea of the passing of a figure who has been present our entire lives may well trigger some of those grief responses we link to personal loss.

If you are struggling with your feelings, the charity Mind provides mental health support and we encourage you to reach out to them.