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Voice round up

News – 22 March 2023 We’ve had another great month of engagement on Voice, our customer feedback platform. Thank you to everyone who has taken part. We use the feedback we get from Voice to help improve the services we offer at Grand Union. Here are the results of the last few surveys and polls. Shaping the future for Grand Union Housing Group  Repairs appointment time blocks Voice users helped us to better understand our customers’ views on the time blocks we provide for repairs. We had 243 responses in total, all providing us with some great insight. We asked customers which time blocks in our current offering they preferred. The most popular was Monday to Friday 10am-12pm with 65% of respondents saying this was their preferred time. In comparison, Monday to Friday 8am-10am was the least preferred with only 44% of respondents preferring this time block. The graph below shows which time blocks within our current offering were preferred. A graph showing which time blocks within our current offering were preferred. We asked customers if there were any time blocks outside our normal working hours that they would prefer. Saturday morning was the most popular, with 60% of respondents indicating they would prefer this option. Sunday evening was least popular, with only 31% saying they would prefer this time block. The most common reason for each respondent’s preferred time blocks was to fit around work commitments or childcare. Customer contact Voice users also helped us to better understand how our customers prefer to communicate with us and their satisfaction with the channels on offer. We had 197 responses in total, giving us some great insight. We asked customers which channels they preferred to use to communicate for the following reasons:
  • reporting a new repair
  • chasing an existing repair
  • paying rent
  • checking their account balance
  • reporting antisocial behaviour
  • making a complaint
  • discussing a tenancy matter
  • discussing their housing situation
The majority of respondents said that they preferred to use the telephone for most reasons, with the exception of when paying rent or checking their account balance (where MyGUHG customer portal was the preferred method of communication). We also asked customers which channels they had used in the last 12 months. Telephone was the most common, with 82% of respondents saying they had used the telephone in the last 12 months, followed by 72% using the MyGUHG portal and 53% saying they had used email. We then asked customers how satisfied they were with the overall experience of the different communication channels they had used. Overall, there wasn’t a significant difference in satisfaction for most channels; the exception was the web bot with only 22% saying they were satisfied with the overall experience. As a result, we have now removed the web bot. The graph below shows customers satisfaction with the communication channels they used. A graph showing customers satisfaction with the communication channels they used. Poll results Voice also gives you the chance to take part in some polls that are just for fun. Here are your responses to the poll we posted on what you prefer on your pancakes. Lemon was the most popular topping with 40% of respondents saying it was their preferred choice on their pancakes. A graph showing the poll results for favourite pancake topping. What’s coming up Our social media survey is now live, which will help us better understand how to ensure the content we post on social media meets our customers’ needs, and that we are posting on the right platform at the right time. We also have a poll to find out what your favourite thing is about spring. Get involved now! It’s not too late to sign up if you haven’t done so already. Simply head to now. It’s totally anonymous and by joining Voice, you’ll be able to help shape and improve our services to give you the best possible experience. Remember to log in regularly to make sure you have completed the latest activities. And once you’ve signed up, don’t forget to add to your safe senders/contact list. That way you can be kept informed when new polls, surveys and forums go live.