If we find that you need your heating upgrading, our contractor will come to check it. This is to see what needs replacing and anything else that needs doing. Once this is done, the contractor will sort an installation date with you.

We install three types of heating systems:

Gas central heating 

Most homes will get gas central heating

Air Source Heat Pumps

Homes that can’t get gas from the main gas network will get an Air Source Heat Pump 

High Heat Retention Storage Heaters

We occasionally install electric storage heaters

Please make sure the areas that will be worked on are clear of any furniture and personal items. Do not remove, drain or bleed your radiators. If you need this doing, please contact us.

There may be some inconvenience caused during the work. This is because replacing a heating system can be quite a big job. 

We’ll make sure you have access to essential facilities, such as toilets, during the work. 

Most of these works should be finished in one day. For larger homes and the installations of fully new systems, it can take two or three days.