How are my service charges calculated?

The amount of your service charges depends on where you live, the actual cost of delivering the different services that you receive and how many properties share the communal areas of your estate, block or scheme.

Each year we assess how much we expect to spend on providing the services to your property. This is based on an estimate of the costs to be charged to us by our contractors. This is because we don’t know all the precise costs in advance for the year.

Our estimate will include inflation and, where possible, will include any one-off charges in the year. Examples of these could be services such as tree pruning or deep cleaning.

We regularly review the costs of our services. We make sure that they are providing value for money and make sure that your charges remain as accurate as possible.

We compare our cost estimates to how much the services actually cost by using the invoices sent to us by our contractors. We then use this information to provide our best estimate of your service charges for next year.