About homes for
over 55s

Our aim is to help customers live independently in their own home for as long as possible.

We do that by:

  • Maximising financial and personal independence 
  • Helping to set and achieve goals and aspirations
  • Supporting with access to the wider community 
  • Working with other providers to meet customers’ needs 
  • Making sure customers feel safe and secure in their home
  • Encouraging an active, enjoyable and inclusive environment
  • Maximising health and wellbeing inside and outside the home
  • Listening to customers’ needs and opinions

Want to know what customers think about living in our schemes? We have a number of success stories where customers have told us about the difference their home has made to them.


Our homes for over 55s include our Life24 alarms. These are a built-in alarm system with a pendant. It is a connected to a response centre, which works 24-7, all year round.

Bridgid sat outside her home for over 55s