Kitchen improvement

On a rolling basis, we refurbish kitchens to provide modern facilities and in a state of good repair.

Maintaining our properties in good order is one of our long-term objectives and is a key part of our ongoing 30 year major works improvement plan.

As part of the improvement process, you will:

  • be fully involved in planning your new kitchen
  • be able to design the layout around your existing appliances
  • choose the colour of the floor, wall tiles, cupboards, walls and worktop (colours are reviewed on a regular basis).

Our customer satisfaction levels indicate that our customers are very pleased with their new kitchen installation. Customers who responded were happy with the service they received and with the workmanship and quality of their finished kitchen.

What you can expect from kitchen refurbishments

Frequently asked questions

Q: How do I keep my kitchen looking good?

A: Our kitchens are made of good quality durable materials and should last for many years. Routine maintenance is straightforward. Always read the instructions on cleaning fluids carefully to make sure they are suitable for the surface being cleaned and avoid positioning the kettle on the worktop join.

Q: How much notice will I receive before work starts in my home?

A: Everyone should receive at least 10 days’ notice – though usually more. The work will take around 15 working days, but this may vary depending on the extent of work being carried out.

Q: Will I be able to stay in my home whilst the work is carried out?

A: Yes, though there will be some inconvenience as the kitchen is a key room in any home.

Q: Will I have workmen in my home every day?

A: No, there will be some days when it is not possible for work to be carried out. The site foreman will advise you who will be working in your home and when.

Q: What if I cannot be present to provide access?

A: Please contact the site foreman or the project officer who can discuss and advise on alternative arrangements and solutions.

Q: What if I have an out of hours emergency during the work?

A: Simply call us on 0300 123 5544 and select the out of hours emergency option.