High Level Works

We repair and replace roofs at our properties to help keep them up to modern standards, watertight and help improve the energy efficiency.

In order to eliminate cyclical maintenance and re-painting, all existing timber fascias, soffits, bargeboards and cladding will be removed and new PVC materials installed.

Once you have received a letter informing you that your roof will be replaced, the next step is for a representative from our contractor to visit your property. They will carry out an initial survey, discuss what is involved and answer any questions and concerns you may have. The contractor will then contact you to agree a convenient start date. All the contractors’ operatives will have photographic identification with them at all times.

What will the work entail?

Scaffolding may need to be erected around the property in order that the contractor can safely access the works and will be erected according to the latest Codes of Practice. Vehicular access to driveways and garages shall be maintained wherever possible.

  • high quality durable pitched roof coverings
  • vapour permeable underlay and battens
  • replacing soffits, fascia and bargeboards
  • renewal of rainwater goods (gutters and downpipes)
  • replacement lead flashings, gutters, aprons and valleys
  • fire stops at junction of party walls (where required)
  • repairs to chimney stacks and gable walls (if required)
  • increasing the thickness of loft insulation to 270mm
  • replacing flat roof coverings and canopies where necessary.

How will the work affect me?

There will be some inconvenience as replacing the roof will involve the erection of scaffolding but the contractor will ensure that noise and disturbance is kept to a minimum. The contractor will also ensure that the property is left in a safe, secure and weatherproof state at the end of each working day. Once work is underway, please keep children’s play things and pets under supervision and away from scaffolding, which will be erected a few days before roofing work begins. Unfortunately, loss or deterioration of satellite television reception may occur while scaffolding is in position.

If goods are stored in your loft, it may be necessary for you to remove them before work is carried out.  A few boxes or suitcases in the loft don’t present a problem, and our contractor will move this sort of quantity of stored material, but if your loft contains a large volume of stored goods, please remove them before our contractor arrives.

You will receive at least five days’ notice prior to the works commencing and the works will take approximately five working days.

If you still have a question regarding roofing please ask using our enquiry form.