Shawna Barnes

Appointed: September 2020

Shawna is very passionate about community building and developing young people. Currently a science lead in a secondary school, she is pursuing a Master’s in leadership and management. Shawna’s employment history covers education, engagement compliance and partnership working.

Shawna’s managerial experience has involved the development of employees and quality improvement of services through several strategic processes. Shawna takes a strategic view in the development of the organisation’s regulations, policies, and guidelines to ensure ongoing development through evaluation and performance indicators.

In her previous role she has contributed within the organisation development strategies and ensured that all legal and statutory obligation was fulfilled.

Shawna supported driving forward the organisation’s programme of improved quality and efficiency, delivering change at all levels. This also involves developing the corporate approach to strategic planning and development and at times consulting with all colleagues.

Shawna is a Grand Union customer and a member of the Customer Experience Committee.

Declarations of interest

  • Grand Union customer
  • Shenley Brooke End School – Teacher
  • MK Sapphire Federation – School Governor
Shawna Barnes