Securing our future

Our strategy is to continue to grow, staying financially strong through good governance and performance management so we can invest more in the things that matter – building more homes, stronger communities and better lives.

To achieve our commercial and social goals, we need a diverse range of funding which is cost-effectively structured to provide the necessary investment funds and maintain liquidity. This includes an appropriate mix of bond and bank finance.

Our Bond

You can find the prospectus for the 2020 Bond issue here.

Strategy and business plan

We’ve just launched our new corporate plan for 2024-27 – Good to be home.

Some of the key points from our Business plan include:

  • Commitment to build over 1,500 new homes in the next 5 years along with 300 per year annually thereafter
  • A disposals programme that will see 2,000 homes sold over the next 30 years and replaced on a one for one basis with new energy efficient homes.
  • The provision of £180m of decarbonisation investment to ensure we get to carbon neutral by 2050
  • Strong liquidity position with funding secured for the next 34 months – a funding requirement of circa £80m over the next five years.


Effective governance is a key feature of strong organisations and Grand Union is no different, with it embedded in the way we are structured and how we operate.

Find out more about our Board and Management team.