Mutual exchange:
next steps

Think you’ve found a suitable swap? Understand your next steps and how we can help support you with your move. 

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You’ve found a suitable swap, what now? 

There are several things you need to do before your swap can move forward. This includes applying for a swap and getting our permission to move

Why do I need permission to move?

We need to check that your home is eligible for mutual exchange. If you move without permission from both landlords, you become illegal occupants. This could put you at risk of being evicted and losing your home. You would also have no right to move back into your old home.

Make sure you read each of the steps listed below carefully. If you have any questions, you can get in touch with our Relocations team. 

Step one:

Look for a suitable home to exchange to on HomeSwapper or through local Facebook mutual exchange groups, for example. 

If you’re using HomeSwapper (which is free for Grand Union customers) you’ll need to set up an account and list your home on the site.

Step two:

Arrange a viewing

  • Contact the tenant in the home you’re wanting to swap to. 
  • Set up a viewing so you can both view each other’s homes. 
  • Make sure you’re happy with the home you’re wanting to move to. 

We won’t carry out any cleaning or redecorating before you move in. Make sure you’re happy to cover these, if you need them. 

Step three:

Apply for permission

One of the Grand Union customers in the mutual exchange partnership will need to complete a mutual exchange notification form on your MyGUHG portal.

You’ll need to provide details of all customers in the partnership (names, addresses, email addresses, contact numbers and current landlords) to be able to complete this notification form. You may need to ask for this information from each person in the partnership before starting.

Only one Grand Union customer needs to complete the notification form, even if there are two or more Grand Union customers in the partnership. Decide between yourselves who will notify us.

Once we’ve received this form, we’ll send out application numbers and forms to all parties to complete through the MyGUHG portal.

As part of the application process for all customers, we will carry out identification checks and support documents will be required.

Step four:

Verification of applications

Once we’ve received all forms and completed our identification checks, we’ll notify you by email/post that we have started the process. We have 42 days to provide you with a decision.

Step five:

Home inspection

We’ll need to inspect your Grand Union home. This is so we can check if there are any repairs you need to carry out. We’ll also arrange for an electrical check to be carried out and an Energy Performance Certificate check, if required. We’ll contact you to arrange all appointments.

Step six:

Await decision

Once we’ve received all the information we need, we’ll decide if your swap can go ahead. We’ll contact you via email/post with the outcome within 42 days. You’ll receive a letter which details any conditions for your swap. 

There may be circumstances where your swap can’t go ahead. See ‘Can I be refused permission to swap?’ on our Mutual Exchange page (add link).

Step seven:

Carry out any conditions

Your decision letter may detail certain conditions for your move. This could include:

  • clearing any rent that’s due or overdue
  • carrying out any repairs 
  • cleaning your home
  • clearing your garden of rubbish/debris.
  • clearing any recharges owed.
Step eight:

Arrange a move date

Once you’ve received permission from us and your swap’s landlord, we can discuss a move date. Your moving date must be on a Monday. This is so we can arrange for a gas and electrical check to be carried out on your new tenancy start date.

We will need at least 10 days from the approval date to book in the gas and electrical checks with contractors, so please bear this in mind when discussing a move date.

Contact your swap to agree a Monday that works for both/all of you. Then, you’ll need to contact our Relocations team to confirm if we and other landlords can agree this date. 

Step nine:

Sign your new contract
Our team will send over your new contract and any paperwork via DocuSign. Make sure you read through all the information thoroughly. Sign online and you’re all set!

Step ten:

Hand over your keys
Contact your swap to exchange keys directly on your move date. 

Got questions?

If you want to ask us about any of the above, get in touch. We can chat through any concerns you may have.

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