Reporting changes in your rent


As a Universal Credit claimant, it is your responsibility to report any changes in the rent you are charged, which affects how much benefit you receive. If you do not report the changes to your rent when it increases, you will miss out on extra entitlement; if your rent goes down you will be overpaid benefit

You can report your rent change on your online Universal Credit account.

  • Log in and click on your home tab,
  • Choose report a change of circumstances. Then choose Housing
  • Now enter in all of your details.
  • Make sure you pick the correct date for when it changed.
  • For weekly tenancies this is 05/04/2021, for monthly tenancies it is 01/04/2021.

You should report this change promptly every April when it happens. You cannot report it until the change has taken place, so set yourself a reminder in your phone or on your calendar for the first Monday of April. We will write to you before the change to tell what is happening so keep this safe ready for when you need to report it.

NB: If you rent a market rent property from us, you should still say that you are with a housing association/social landlord. If you say you rent privately you might get less benefit than you are entitled to.

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