Reporting a defect

We strive to create new homes that meet a high quality standard. All of our new homes are inspected at completion however unforeseen defects can occur in any property. New homes are covered by a one year defects period with the contractor who built the property. 

This commences from the day the property completed and not from the date you moved in. A defect is a fault in the workmanship, installation and manufacturer of equipment used in the construction of a new home. A defect is not resident damage, wear and tear, minor shrinkage or cracking during the drying out period.

For more information and advice about defects in your new home, please see our leaflet.

Please do not use the reporting form for emergencies. If you have an urgent defect that can not wait until the next working day, then you should contact us on 0300 123 5544.

Once you have reported your defect to us, we will report it to the contractor who built your home. They will then contact you to arrange an appointment for the works to take place.

Defects Report