If we think you need a new kitchen, our specialist contractor will visit your home to confirm. If you do need one, they’ll visit again along with our supplier to redesign of your kitchen.

You’ll be able to choose from a range of colours for the unit doors, worktops, wall tiles, flooring and paint for the walls. 

Once this is all done, the contractor will sort an installation date with you.

The work can include:

  • New kitchen units
  • New worktops
  • Three rows of single colour wall tiles above the worktops
  • New floor covering
  • A new sink and taps
  • Electrical rewiring to the kitchen area
  • Installation of smoke and heat detectors
  • Plastering
  • Decoration of walls, ceiling and woodwork
  • Installation of new extractor fan

Before work starts, please clear everything out of your kitchen. You don’t have to move the appliances to another room, but you can if you want and are able to.

The work shouldn’t take more than 15 working days to complete. We’ll always try to make sure you can still cook and wash overnight during any work.