Roofing and
high-level works

During our check of your home, we may find you need some high-level works doing. These can be anything to do with: 

  • Roofing – flat or pitched
  • Fascia or soffit – the boards found at the roof’s lower edge and just below that
  • Gutters and rainwater downpipes
  • Canopies
  • Garage roof – if they are next to the property
  • Outbuildings or stores – this doesn’t include sheds or a customer’s own structures

If we feel any of these works need doing, we’ll arrange for a survey to take place. Our contractor will then arrange a visit to carry out a survey. If they recommend work is needed, they’ll book a date with you for the work to start.

Depending on the work that’s needed, it could take one day or up to a week. Our contractors will let you know what they need for access, space and scaffolding.