Lessons learned

How we’re using your feedback to improve what we do.

We know that sometimes we don’t get things right. We want to be as transparent as possible when this happens and show that we’ve learned from your feedback.

We will add examples to this page where we’ve taken your feedback to make improvements. 

Improving our rebooking process

Some customers had been left frustrated with the process of booking in a return job with our trades teams. This typically happens when we can’t finish the job in one go, because of something like missing materials.

We’ve looked at this process and made it much better and clearer for you.

Now, should one of our team not be able to finish the job first time, they can book a date for them to return while with the customer. This ensures the date picked is suitable.

We’ve also built in a new process where they can then book any materials needed at the same time. This means we shouldn’t have to rebook as everything is in place for the return visit.

Our heating contractor

Our previous heating contractor unfortunately was unable to deliver the level of service that our customers deserve. As a result, we agreed to part company and the contract ended early. Aaron Services has now taken on the contract.

Avoiding follow on appointments

There had been a few occurrences where our teams attended a job but didn’t have everything they needed for it.

We’re now trialling a new process for our teams which sees them given a list of planned jobs. They check this the day before attending to ensure they have everything they need for each appointment.

This will hopefully mean we don’t have to book follow on appointments.