Grand Union features in latest CIH paper

Love heart between two wooden house models.

The Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) has published its latest paper looking at the role of housing in tackling health inequalities.

Building blocks for life: housing and healthy neighbourhoods explores the value of partnerships across housing, health and care, and how to develop strong shared working approaches that benefit residents and communities, supporting health and wellbeing.

The contribution of a decent home and neighbourhood for tackling health inequalities is explored in the CIH paper that tracks the progress of an innovative partnership we’re proud to be part of.

Last year, alongside fellow housing association Peabody, and the Shared Public Health Service (Milton Keynes, Bedford and Central Bedfordshire), together, we launched a new approach to join up health and housing services across the region through a three-year programme.

The links between health and housing are long established and well known, and housing is a significant determinant or building block of the health.

This latest CIH paper is one of a series of resources looking at the positive opportunities for and outcomes from partnership working across housing, health and social care, focused on people and places.

You can read it, as well as previous papers, on the CIH’s website: