Voice round-up

We’ve had another great month of engagement on Voice, our customer feedback platform.

Thank you to everyone who has taken part. We use the feedback we get from Voice to help improve the services we offer at Grand Union. Here are the results of the last few surveys and polls.

Shaping the future for Grand Union Housing Group 

Social media

Voice users helped us to better understand whether our customers are getting the most out of our social media posts and allowed Voice users to share their views to help us to ensure what we post is relevant.

We had 196 responses in total, all providing us with some great insight.

We asked customers what time they usually catch up on social media – 81% of respondents said they checked social media between 5pm and midnight on a typical day and 44% said they were active between 6am and 9am.

We found that of those respondents that used social media, 65% don’t follow Grand Union on any platform. We wanted to know why our customers don’t follow us on social media and 35% of respondents told us they simply didn’t know Grand Union was active on social media.

Other reasons included:

  • Only using social media to stay in touch with friends and family.
  • Not being sure the information being shared is useful.
  • Not having a reason to.

We then asked customers what content they are interested in seeing from us – 76% of respondents said they were interested in seeing content about customer feedback. This was followed closely by 71% of respondents saying they would be interested in seeing content on upcoming events, news articles and information on health and wellbeing support.

The graph below shows what content Voice users said they were interested in seeing on Grand Union’s social media platforms.

Sustainability and retrofit

Voice users also helped us to better understand how our customers feel about environmental issues, what matters to them and how our service should look like for customers, should their home be selected to have an energy efficient heating system installed.

In total, we had 174 responses.

We asked customers which environmental issues were most important to them – 96% of respondents said energy efficient homes were important to them, followed closely by recycling with 92% and improving biodiversity (plant and animal life) with 86%.

We wanted to know what our customers currently do to be more environmentally friendly. We found that recycling at home was most popular, with 93% of respondents indicating they already do this.

The graph below shows what our customers currently do to be more environmentally friendly.

We then asked customers what their expectations would be after the installation of efficient energy systems and found 91% would expect lower energy bills. A further 11% said they would expect this to reduce the impact of future energy increases.

We wanted to know what our installation process should look like. The most popular responses were that respondents would like to be contacted by email (51%) and given between one and two weeks’ notice (39%); this was followed closely by being given three and four weeks’ notice (32%).

Poll results

Voice also gives you the chance to take part in some polls that are just for fun. The winner for the favourite dog breed poll was ‘something else’ with 26%, followed closely by Labrador Retriever and Mixed breed with 14%.

For the poll about your favourite thing about spring, warmer weather was the most popular, with 38% of respondents choosing this option.

What’s coming up

Our Antisocial behaviour forum is now live, allowing you to discuss the government’s new plan to tackle antisocial behaviour.

We have a survey coming up on antisocial behaviour to help us better understand your experiences and feelings around antisocial behaviour. This will help us to improve how we respond to antisocial behaviour concerns.

In May, we will have a survey on Tenant satisfaction measures which will help make sure we can design and deliver our services to ensure we meet our customers’ needs. We also have a poll to find out what the one sporting event you look forward to every year is.

Get involved now!

It’s not too late to sign up if you haven’t done so already. Simply head to voice.guhg.co.uk now.

It’s totally anonymous and by joining Voice, you’ll be able to help shape and improve our services to give you the best possible experience.

Remember to log in regularly to make sure you have completed the latest activities.

And once you’ve signed up, don’t forget to add [email protected] to your safe senders/contact list. That way you can be kept informed when new polls, surveys and forums go live.