Voice round-up

Hand holding a smartphone displaying the Voice logo on screen

We’ve had another great month of engagement on Voice, our customer feedback platform.

Thank you to everyone who has taken part. We use the feedback we get from Voice to help improve the services we offer at Grand Union. Here are the results of the last few surveys and polls.

Shaping the future for Grand Union Housing Group 

What is a Home?

Over the past few months, Voice members have taken part in surveys and activities to help us understand what makes a house a home. One of the things we also wanted to understand was how customers feel about their current and ideal home.

We found that for many customers, their current home offers them a sense of safety and security, where they feel they can relax.

For some customers, we can see there is a gap in achieving an ideal home. We explored issues around having more control and choice, and also feedback about home condition and delivering a consistently good service. We are looking in detail at these results and using them to inform future service improvements.

We will be sharing more detail about these results in the next few months on Voice, so make sure you are signed up to participate in further discussion.

Poll results

Voice also gives you the chance to take part in some polls that are just for fun. Here are your responses to the poll we posted on ‘If you had to pick one genre of music to listen to for the rest of your life, what would it be?’  We found Rock was the most popular. You can view the results below.

What’s coming up

Our Voice member satisfaction survey is now live! This is a great opportunity for you to share feedback on your experience using Voice! There is also a fun poll to find out what you think is the ultimate faux pas.

Coming soon, we have a Corporate plan survey. We are working on a new corporate plan and would like your feedback to help shape it! This survey will be coming in October. We will also have a fun poll to find out what your favourite film genre is.

Get involved now!

It’s not too late to sign up if you haven’t done so already. Simply head to voice.guhg.co.uk now.

It’s totally anonymous and by joining Voice, you’ll be able to help shape and improve our services to give you the best possible experience.

Remember to log in regularly to make sure you have completed the latest activities.

And once you’ve signed up, don’t forget to add [email protected] to your safe senders/contact list. That way you can be kept informed when new polls, surveys and forums go live.