Service Charges 


A service charge is a payment made by a customer towards the cost of communal services and repairs for the block/site where their property is situated. You can find a glossary here with key service charge terminology, and a summary of customers' rights and obligations for service charges here.

The diagram below shows the annual cycle of service charges. Please click on the links within each of the boxes down the right hand side to show an example of the documents you will receive within this cycle.

Service charge annual cycle:

April to September:

Towards the end of August/beginning of September, customers paying Service Charges will receive an Annual Statement of Service Charges for their property.

Homeowners (shared owners and leaseholders) will also receive an audit certificate.

September to December: 

Service Charge team prepares estimated charges for following year.

No action required from customers.

January to March: 

At the end of February/beginning of March all customers will receive a rent increase letter. This includes a breakdown of the estimated cost of your service charges for the coming year.

During this time the Service Charge team is usually dealing with lots of customer queries, so if you have a question please firstly refer to the FAQ.

Frequently asked questions:

Reserve funds FAQs:

Customer feedback

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