On a rolling basis, we replace heating systems to help keep them up to date and in a good state of repair.

Maintaining our properties in good order is one of our long term objectives and is a key part of the ongoing 30 year major works improvement plan.

Once we have informed you that a new heating system is due, a member of our Project Team will visit you to survey your home, explain what is involved, outline how you will benefit from the new system and agree with you radiator positions and locations of principal components.

Currently, two different types of heating systems are installed:

Gas central heating

Gas central heating comprises of a combination boiler for bungalows and flats, and a system boiler (including a pressurised hot water cylinder) for houses.

For further information on gas central heating, please see our  Gas Central Heating information page

Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP)

An ASHP will be installed to properties that can not get gas from the main gas network.

For further information on ASHPs, please see our Air Source Heat Pump information page


All installation work will be carried out by an approved contractor and you will be notified of their details nearer the installation date.

There will be some inconvenience as replacing a heating system involves major work. However, we will ensure that you have access to essential facilities during the works, and if needed temporary electric heating panels will be provided. You will receive at least 10 days’ notice prior to the works commencing and the work will take approximately seven working days.

On completion of the work you will be issued with a satisfaction survey; the information you provide helps us monitor the service we and the contractor have provided.

Our customer satisfaction levels are consistently high, which shows us that our customers are very pleased with their new heating installation, the service they receive and the workmanship.

Do you have a heating related question?

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