Other pet issues

Dog fouling

This is an environmental crime. Dog owners can be fined on the spot if they don’t clean up after their dog. The amount varies from council to council. It’s often £50 but can be as much as £80.

We understand neighbours not cleaning up after their dogs can be very unpleasant. Try speaking to your neighbour first, using these tips. Try to communicate that it is their responsibility to clean up after their dog.

Reporting dog fouling

If you’ve tried to resolve things with your neighbour and it hasn’t improved, you can report this to us. 

If the offence took place in a public space, like a park or on the street, please:

If the problem is within the garden of one of our homes, please:

  • report it to us using our ASB online form
  • attach completed incident logs to your report.
  • our team will open a case and get back to you with next steps.