Moving home

If you need to move, there are options available to help you find a more suitable home. Either with us, or a different housing association. 

Quick Links:

  1. Finding a home
  2. Mutual exchange 
  3. Helping you move to a smaller home: the Fresh Start scheme

There can be lots of reasons why you might want to move home. Maybe your home is no longer suitable for your needs. Maybe you can no longer afford the rent or need to move to a different area, whether that’s with us or another housing association.

If you want to continue renting social housing, there are a few options. Browse the list below and get in touch with us if you need any further information. 

Apply for a transfer

You can apply to transfer to a different home with your local council. You’ll need to:

  • Join the housing register for your local council
  • Complete their application and provide support evidence, with details on
    • your previous addresses and landlords
    • your income and savings
    • your reasons for wanting to move

If your application is successful, you’ll be able to bid on available properties. These might be with us, or different housing associations.  

Below are links to the housing registers for local councils:

Swap homes with another tenant

Mutual exchange is a scheme that allows you to swap your home with someone else’s. You can swap with another Grand Union Customer, or a customer of any other housing association or council.

There are circumstances where a mutual exchange isn’t possible. Use the link below to learn more and find out if a swap is right for you.

Financial help with Fresh Start

If you’re downsizing, you may be entitled to a Fresh Start payment of £1,500. This is offered to people who meet all the following criteria:

  • currently a Grand Union Customer
  • the home you’re moving to has fewer bedrooms than your current home
  • swapping with another Grand Union customer (mutual exchange, see below)

For mutual exchanges, there are further criteria that need to be met: 

  • all parties involved must move into the right size property for their household need, and the Grand Union customer must be moving into another Grand Union property
  • you must have a clear rent account or, with our approval, you have been making efforts to reduce any arrears over a period of at least three months. The arrears should not exceed the amount of the Fresh Start payment
  • your home should be in good repair with a clear and tidy garden. Any recharges for repairing damage should not exceed the amount of the Fresh Start payment.

I’m in danger and need to urgently move

If you are in immediate danger: 

We’ll always try to support you as best we can. But we don’t always have homes available for you to move immediately. 

You should contact your Local Authority Housing Options Team – please see below. They can help ensure your safety by finding you emergency, temporary accommodation.