Loneliness Awareness Week

Man looks out of window

Lots of us are experiencing loneliness these days and it may surprise you to learn that long term loneliness is one of the largest health concerns we face. Did you know loneliness affects people of all ages? Surprisingly, 16-29 year olds are twice as likely as those over 70 to experience loneliness.

This week is Loneliness Awareness Week and is dedicated to raising awareness of loneliness, and encouraging open, honest conversations around this natural human emotion.

Hosted by the marmalade trust, the theme for this year is Random Acts of Connection – which encourages everyone to increase those simple, everyday moments of connection which can help us all feel happier, less lonely and increase our sense of belonging.

They don’t need to be big gestures, a simple comment about the weather with a passer-by when you are out for a lunchtime walk is a connection. Not everyone finds it easy to do, but here are some ideas that we could commit to do:

  • Introduce yourself to a work colleague or neighbour you haven’t yet met
  • Send a message to someone to let them know you’re thinking of them
  • Leave a positive comment on someone’s social media post
  • Take an extra moment to ask how someone’s day is going.

To find out more visit www.lonelinessawarenessweek.org or www.marmaladetrust.org

We also provides Tea and Talk drop in sessions which cover a range of health related matters, including loneliness. Our next sessions are:

  • Friday 14 June – 10am to 2pm at Biggleswade Children’s center, 1 Chestnut Avenue, Biggleswade, SG18 0LL
  • Tuesday 25 June – 12 to 2pm at Ellenshaw Court, Hinksley Road, Flitwick, Bedfordshire, MK45 1ES